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Date: 25/6/2018
I've been a long time user of Firefox. But over the weekend it's just become unusable for me, crashing on right click or the back button. So I'm currently using Chrome until they can sort it out. First world issues... haha.
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In the context of a mail window, Ctrl+F should be...
Date: 21/6/2018
Tags: scribe ui
  • "Find" - as in the same shortcut as most text editors.
  • "Forward" - as in the same shortcut as Outlook and Gmail. And if so how does the user "Find" stuff...
Currently the shortcuts in the mail window of Scribe are:
  • Ctrl+Enter - Send the message
  • Ctrl+Up - Previous message
  • Ctrl+Down - Next message
  • Ctrl+P - Print the message
  • Ctrl+R - Reply to the message
  • Ctrl+W - Forward the message (although I've just changed the dev build to 'Close Window')
  • Ctrl+S - Save the message
  • Ctrl+T - Select the text editor
  • Ctrl+H - Select the HTML editor
Obviously on the mac platform the modifier is instead of Ctrl.
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Release RSS Feed
Date: 15/5/2018
Tags: website
I've cleaned up the Release RSS Feed to contain just the relevant changes and versioning info. Should be pretty readable now, without all that history. One day I hope to allow filtering of the results in the feed for people that don't want to know about all the releases I make.
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Intel GPU brokeness
Date: 15/5/2018
I had noticed recently that the colour depth on one of my monitors had dropped to 6bit. I was getting ugly colour banding on gradients. The other monitor (same hardware: Dell U2515H) was fine. Was it Windows 10? Or the GPU? After much Googling I discovered it was being experienced by others as well, all using Intel GPUs:

Intel HD630 New HDR driver problem on primary monitor

After finding that thread I came to a fix that works for me: Turn off DisplayPort v1.2 support in the monitor's setup menu. Full 8bit support is back. I don't need the daisy chaining functionality so that works for me. The machine in question has an Intel Iris 580 GPU. It's definitely a driver bug rather than a hardware bug. As earlier drivers seem to work ok on DP v1.2.
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Forums Re-style
Date: 7/5/2018
Tags: website
I've just finished a fairly major re-style of the forums just now. I hope you like it! Functionally it's still fairly much the same but it's much more modern looking. I tool a little inspiration from the Whirlpool Forums which have a nice design. But kinda blended in my own thing.

I've also added new forums for the different apps that I recently launched. And removed some old cruft as well.

The old forums are still there but I'll removed them once the new version has been tested a little more.
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Cmake stupidity...
Date: 1/12/2017
Tags: cmake
So given this snippit:
add_dependencies(my_target jansson)
I get this error:
The dependency target "jansson" of target "my_target" does not exist.
Ok so I did 'add_directory' that, so what if I did this:
add_dependencies(my_target jansson)
Now I get:
add_library cannot create imported target "jansson" because another target with the same name already exists.
Really? It just errored out because it didn't exist? You can't have it both ways Cmake!!!

Cmake: you get what you paid for!
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