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Date: 25/5/2004
From the feedback I've been getting it appears that the 100% CPU hang in Scribe has indeed been fixed in the most recent test build. On top of that the other major showstopper: not being able to reliably send to multiple recipients bug also has a possible fix in place. So all in all I'm feeling like I'm getting on top of the bug situation with Scribe and my todo list has a whole lot less critical things on it now than for most of the year.

The hang bug was caused by a incorrect error code returned by windows. Which confused the threading code such that the thread would start executing but the owning object would think that it had failed to start. So you can imagine the sort of confusion that would ensue. I'm learning not to trust the windows error codes the hard way. It seems obvious in hindsight, but everything always is.

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Account Mailouts
Date: 20/5/2004
I've updated the mailout code to correctly handle the platforms you've configured in the Memecode Account settings. So it should from now on give you just what you want and nothing else. Each message is customized to the individual now, as opposed to a blanket message for everyone.

And due to the niftyness of PHP arrays it only took me and hour to rewrite instead of all night.

Yay PHP!
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Windows File Associations
Date: 19/5/2004
For the last week or so everytime I double click a GIF file it opens in Microsoft Photo Editor instead of i.Mage, which is the application actually associated with GIF files. So I through I'd fire up XpAssociate and 'fix' the association. Well it didn't work did it!

So I wasted another hour of my life fixing XpAssociate to know about another weird place that windows looks in the registry BEFORE actually using the application associated with a file.

Where do Microsoft get off making it so frickin hard to make the wrong application open to view a file? It's not that hard but Microsoft manage to royally screw it up beyond belief.

What XpAssociate needs now is a "watcher" mode that sits there and "repairs" the registry everytime some lameo application installes itself ahead of your prefered application. Maybe it could have a "delete application" mode that removes an app if it steps on your associations. Except it would end up wanting to delete Windows. *sigh*
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BeOS Lgi Port
Date: 17/5/2004
I spent a good part of today fixing the BeOS port of Lgi. Which was quite satisfying in that now I have a working copy of i.Ftp on Windows, Linux and BeOS, all building from the same source. Lovely! There is a lot of things fixed even relitive to when I abandoned it last. But now it has all the cool features of the current Lgi codebase as well.

Which I do plan to release binaries for in the next few days. I'd like to get some testing done and iron out any little quirks.
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i.Ftp on Zeta
Date: 14/5/2004
I had a few spare hours, so I felt like getting away from the whole Windows world for awhile so I booted into Zeta and rewrote the network code of Lgi so that i.Ftp would connect. :)

Now I've brought the BeOS branch of the code back over to FAT32 land so I can merge it in with the current tree of Lgi and get it into version control for the v2.00 release of Lgi. Something I should have done already but couldn't find time for.
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Date: 13/5/2004
There were a few files missing in the Lgi source zip. So I've updated that to build correctly on Win32. Although I didn't fix any code issues, just made sure all the source was actually there. I've just moved to subversion for version control so I havn't got correct release scripts ready at the moment. But the plan is to do automated checkout and build before releasing.

I am curious to see what people are building with Lgi. Drop me an email if you have something shipping.
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