Can you add a link on your site to my review/product/site?
No. My policy has always been not to participate in link exchanges. Content should stand on it's own two feet. Link exchanges lower the value of content for the reader. And I care more about that than some perceived change in search engine ranking.

Can you bundle our software in your installers?
No. Users of my software will only ever get MY software. I feel the practice of bundling anything unrelated in the installer reduces user trust in the software industry. And I will not contribute to that ever.

When will you do 'X' feature or fix 'Y' bug?
I work on my software in my free time, so I get around to stuff when I can, and my life is busy enough with work, family and friends. Fitting coding in is a acheivement in itself. So patience is required.

Why doesn't i.Scribe support multiple accounts?
Because InScribe does, and who'd buy software if they could get it for free? Jeez it's not like it's expensive or anything.

What language do you program in?
I use C++ for executable code, and python for scripting. On windows I use Visual Studio 2013/2015, on Linux I use the the latest default gcc + LgiIde, and on the Mac; the most recent XCode it lets me install.

What operating systems do you support?
As of August 2019:
Is there a Scribe FAQ?
Yeah, here.

Your 'xyz' application crashed! Can I help you fix it?
I do release debug builds, which you can use to help me fix crashes. If you want to run a debug build read this information to get started. If there is no current debug build for the application in question then ask me and I will provide one. You'll find them at the top of the history on the application's page.