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First PCB build
Date: 3/6/2011
Tags: axefx
Made a quick video of building the first PCB:
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PCBs... 3 of 3
Date: 2/6/2011
Tags: axefx
At long last:

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Visual Studio 2005 / Win9x support
Date: 31/5/2011
Tags: coding
I'm officially migrating to Visual Studio 2005 as my main compiler on windows, from Visual C++ 6. So all the open source apps I've released will be getting VS2005 projects over the next few weeks. Also on top of that rather obvious change I will be deprecating support for Windows 98 and ME, slowly removing that support from Lgi and migrating to unicode as default across all my apps. I've been using Utf-8 and multi-byte charset for a long time, but now the default compile time option will be Unicode instead of Multi-byte characters.

I'll also be looking at building 64bit versions of my apps on Windows in the near future. Now that I need the address space but I would like all the libraries to support that if at some point I DO need it. Over the last week or so I've been switching on the VS2005 64-bit warnings and resolving most of them.

On the Mac I'm going to be using XCode 3.6.2 for a good while yet. I only recently settled on that as my standard compiler there, and did a lot of work getting the code to a point where it compiles without too many warnings. The Carbon backend is a worry though. I can't create new Carbon apps with that XCode so that sucks. Eventually I'll have to address that by porting the main Lgi core to Cocoa. But that would take a good while *sigh*
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Foot switches... 2 of 3
Date: 27/5/2011
Tags: axefx
Bought 25, because that was the next cheaper bracket. Turned out around $3 a piece including shipping. Enough for 2 full boards.

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Axefx controller parts arriving... 1 of 3
Date: 26/5/2011
Tags: axefx
So today the first of three packages of controller parts arrived. At long last.

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Waiting is fun
Date: 23/5/2011
Tags: axefx
So all 3 packages for the Axefx controllers have "shipped" but not arrived. Awesome. The last of the packages to ship was the PCB's which apparently shipped today, although the tracking number hasn't shown up on the postal system yet. And I don't know what the shipping transit windows are either.

The 3 boxes, are the footswitches, all the electronic components (inc the AVR stamps) and finally the custom PCB's. I think at one point last week I had 8 outstanding orders, including unrelated stuff from ebay.

Things have slipped partly because I took a while to verify the drill lists and images of the tracks, and made some minor changes before the PCB's got made. And partly because the vendor making them took a week longer than they said it would take from when they accepted payment and the final design to when they shipped the boards.

While I've been waiting I've started working on a new revision of the PCB that supports a 40 pin IDC connection between the main PCB and the switches / LEDs / expression pots. This is very similar to the setup I used in the prototype but I think I'll end up using it primarily to test complete boards. I'm going to make a test harness that just plugs into the board and lets me test all the functions without having to solder in all the parts directly. Depending on the layout of the final enclosure it might be useful for others as well.
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