Website CSS / Scribe
Date: 13/4/2023
Tags: website scribe
I've removed the fixed point sizes in this sites CSS so that the font size is free to adapt to the user's settings and screen DPI. Hopefully that'll improve the readability somewhat.

I'm slowly working my way through a large backlog of Scribe UI testing. So that when I release v3.2 I'm reasonably sure that things aren't horribly broken. Because at this point, I'm finding that lots of things aren't working right. But at least now there is some visibility into my progress.
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New Site Host
Date: 24/9/2020
Tags: website
I think I've now got most things setup ok. The InScribe purchase page is working as best I can gauge. The forums are ok...? I can read and post stuff. There aren't a lot of old builds but no one needs them as far as I can tell.

Yell out if you do though.
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Release RSS Feed
Date: 15/5/2018
Tags: website
I've cleaned up the Release RSS Feed to contain just the relevant changes and versioning info. Should be pretty readable now, without all that history. One day I hope to allow filtering of the results in the feed for people that don't want to know about all the releases I make.
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Forums Re-style
Date: 7/5/2018
Tags: website
I've just finished a fairly major re-style of the forums just now. I hope you like it! Functionally it's still fairly much the same but it's much more modern looking. I tool a little inspiration from the Whirlpool Forums which have a nice design. But kinda blended in my own thing.

I've also added new forums for the different apps that I recently launched. And removed some old cruft as well.

The old forums are still there but I'll removed them once the new version has been tested a little more.
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