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New Site Host
Date: 24/9/2020
Tags: website
I think I've now got most things setup ok. The InScribe purchase page is working as best I can gauge. The forums are ok...? I can read and post stuff. There aren't a lot of old builds but no one needs them as far as I can tell.

Yell out if you do though.
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Scribe Theming Guide
Date: 28/7/2020
Tags: scribe
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Scribe Theming
Date: 9/7/2020
Tags: scribe
On the suggestion of a user, I spent some time adding more CSS support to Scribe. To support background images mainly. Check out what you can do now:

It's not complete by any stretch but it's a start.
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Looking for work
Date: 2/7/2020
Tags: employement
FYI I'm actively looking for work due to being made redundant. Covid cost cutting eventually caught up with me. So if you have a role that might suit a software engineer, audio engineer or musician let me know. General skills include:
  • Languages: C/C++, Python, ObjC, JavaScript, Java, ASM.
  • Web stack: Html/Css, PHP, [My]SQL, NWJS.
  • Development: Mercurial, Git, Subversion, Cmake, Unix build system.
  • OS: Windows, Linux, Mac.
  • Other: Simple PCB design, embedded programming.
  • Media: audio mixing & mastering (live and studio), electric and acoustic guitarist, video editing, videography.
I'm located in Sydney Australia but can work remotely if need be. Available from the 6th of July.
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Scribe groupware functionality is back!
Date: 20/11/2019
Tags: scribe
So many years ago Scribe had some ganky groupware functionality that never really went anywhere. These days things are done a little differently. There is a growing number of webdav based platforms that enable shared contacts and calendars. So in light of that I've been adding webdav support into Scribe. Partly because I'm sick of having different sets of calendars and contacts on different computers and because I think the user base would find it useful.

In the next release you'll be able to go into File -> Manage Mail Stores, click on Create Mail Store -> Webdav Remote Folders and configure URLs, username and password. This will then render as a folder in the main window with "Contacts" and "Calendar" sub-folders. Containing vCards and vCal objects that you can edit just like native Scribe objects. They also appear in all the same places in the UI as native objects, like the mail window address browser bar and the calendar view (add the folder to the source list if needed).

At the moment there is no caching of objects so they load each time over the network. But in the future I'll add caching like the IMAP implementation for offline operation.

And potentially other types of objects can be stored in webdav folders, like filters, groups, mail etc. But we'll cross that bridge later. Walk before run yada yada.
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Visual Studio hanging for 30 seconds to a minute shortly after opening?
Date: 9/9/2019
Tags: visualstudio
Saving here so I remember later when it starts happening again:

Clear out all the cruft in:
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