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Today's Headlines: Democracy Dead in Gang Shooting
Date: 17/3/2003
Despite overwhelming opposition from the Australian public, our government has sent our troops off to war.

Um, last time I checked the polititions were representing the people's wishes. FWIW I think that Australia is being pressured by the US to go to war, despite the best interests of our own people. All we are acheiving is raising ourselves up to be a target for retaliation and wasting a pile of money doing it. I used to like Howard, but now I think he's just a spineless lapdog.
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Date: 10/3/2003
New test versions of Scribe (Download) and InScribe. Updated all the plugins to match. Also there is a new version of the Groupware Server to play with.

Hopefully there will be a new Linux version of Scribe around the corner. It will suck less ok.
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Australian Internet Banking
Date: 5/3/2003
Recently I switched banks. Although I tryed to research the impact it would have on my internet banking I'm now stuck with "IE only" internet banking. Just to rub it in I recently found the Registers list of Internet Sinners + Saints, which lists some of the banks websites and where they stand on 'Standards'.

My old bank was on the 'Saint' list and my new bank is in the 'Sinners' list. Doh! Just when my use of Linux is ramping up too.

I guess you get what you pay for eh? (Westpac fees are a fair bit higher).
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Linux Scribe
Date: 4/3/2003
I've posted a build of Scribe-Linux thats up to date with the current Win32 build. I don't know how good it is, i.e. I havn't done exhaustive testing. But on the surface, it's an improvement over the last alpha, and AND AND!!! you can use it because it now lets you drag and drop email around. The final really bad usability issue is now fixed. *bounce bounce*

When I've cleaned up some more cruft I'll post an official release and update the freshmeat page.
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Linux Scribe
Date: 18/2/2003
I did get to the bottom of my XDND woes, and let me just say this. I shouldn't be coding after 10pm... I just don't think straight ;)

I've got the 'dropping' side working. Now on to the 'dragging' side of the equation. Give me a week or so and I should be getting another Linux release ready. I must say, I'm pretty happy with the DND architecture, now thats it's much easier in LGI I'll use it more in my apps.

Also I've completely ignored the X focus and implemented my own focus. Mainly because X does weird things with keyboard focus that I can't work around. This fixes issues with controls repainting unnecessarily.
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Date: 5/2/2003
If your using v1.85 or about to try i.Scribe for the first time then I suggest you grab the latest v1.86 as it has some fixes for several crashes I found recently. As soon as I'm sure v1.86 is without any other major problems it'll become the next 'stable' release.
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