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Date: 25/8/2002
I've managed to get Scribe's receive thread to run without crashing, thanks to the ever wonderful Valgrind. Which is a major step forward in the Linux port. Yay.
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Date: 19/8/2002
I got valgrind working on [Linux] Scribe last night and it's just awesome. It finds the most arcane little bugs in the code that you'd never see normally, including problems in the libraries used by Scribe. Yay valgrind!
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Coding News..
Date: 13/8/2002
After this extended period of instability in Scribe I've backed off the new features and I'm rooting around looking for ways to flush out the bugs. If you're interested in the details read on...
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Scribe v1.75
Date: 8/8/2002
Thanks for the crash reports people. Let me know if you have problems with v1.75 of Scribe. If everything checks out I hope to make that the next stable version for people to rely on. I think I've fixed the crash when opening mail.
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Scribe Debug Version
Date: 1/8/2002
Those people that had Scribe v1.69 & v1.70 crash on them please try the v1.71 debug build. I'm not going to release anything until some people send me crash reports. Check the rest of this post for a bug list.
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Scribe v1.70
Date: 29/7/2002
This release seemed to be unstable on at least Win9x so I've pulled the links for now. I'll post a fixed version in the next few days. I'm happy with the progress of the html control and the character set support, but I'm sure they still need tweaking so let me know of any problems. Test data is helpful so include that in any coraspondance if you can. Finally please think about any Outstanding Bugs that you would like included in the upcomming 'fix that bug' poll.
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