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Scribe v2.3 Stable
Date: 19/6/2019
Tags: scribe
With the release of Scribe v2.3.16 I've stopped hearing about problems so I'm going to call it stable and move on. This will most likely be the last 32bit Mac Carbon release, from here on in the Mac build will migrate to 64bit GTK3. So less native than before but will still be stable and useful. If I do manage to resolve the issues I'm having with Cocoa I might look into running on that later if I get time. However because no one is really using the Mac build it's likely that I'll just stop making releases until someone wants a build.

Apple are making it harder and harder to release on Mac. It seems they are going to require notarization before being allowed to run on 10.14.6 and higher. It's unlikely that you'll be able to do with a free Apple Dev account. And I'm not about to start paying them anything. So maybe the Mac port might just die (or at least have very infrequent updates - we'll see).

In general I want to stop making 32bit releases entirely. I've already been sidelining 32bit Windows builds, only doing them on request. But maybe with Scribe v2.4 I'll finally just go 64bit only.
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Mercurial / BitBucket
Date: 11/4/2019
Because I work in the software industry as my day job as well as the software I release here, it seems best to me to standardize on the VCS that I use. And we use Mercurial at work so I've moved to using Mercurial on BitBucket for all Memecode related projects as well. The conversion wasn't straight forward, I really wanted to keep the branches in the Scribe and Lgi repo's. That took a lot of mucking around but it's all done now. Scribe was on a Subversion server and Lgi was on Github. So I learnt a lot about how to convert different types of repositories to hg.

I actually think the branching in Mercurial makes more sense than Git, just in that each commit is tagged with the branch name rather than just the tip. I'm already starting to use the branching to keep experimental features away from the "stable" default branch. I recently ripped out the built in Iterator of the List class so that it would force all the code using it to be thread safe (the built in Iterator wasn't thread safe). So the next Scribe release will be off default, without all those Iterator changes, because I need more time to resolve the bugs I introduced... and there have been quite a few. Yay for feature branches!

At a meta level I will be spending less time on software this year because I'm working on writing an EP and maybe getting a band together later in the year. And that is taking a lot of my time. Overall I think I prioritized software too much and music too little, and this is just a correction of that. But I will try and keep the bug fixes rolling along in the background. Work life balance ey!
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I have no words...
Date: 16/10/2018
Tags: mac
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PayPal Issues
Date: 23/9/2018
Tags: paypal
The PayPal purchase process was broken for a week because they changed the PDT endpoint to require HTTP/1.1, which is now sorted out. Also while I was in there I got to the bottom of the charset issues so that people with non-ascii characters in their names get working keys up front. Lets just say that PayPal doesn't honour the requested charset and you have to set it in some page buried on their site.

So difficult.
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foobar2000: Good riddance!
Date: 3/8/2018
You had ONE job... just one... play music. But nooooo it can't even do that... skipping here and there like a child playing in the yard.

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The reason I keep the Linux port around...
Date: 25/6/2018
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