Open Source:

Scribe Icon Scribe
Lightweight Email Client.
i.Hex Icon i.Hex
Hex Editor.


Gifferly Icon Gifferly
Captures the screen to an animated GIF.
i.Disk Icon i.Disk
Disk Space Viewer.

Developer Tools:

LgiIde Icon Lgi
Lightweight GUI Interface.
LgiRes Icon LgiRes
Lgi Resource Editor.
Lvc Icon Lvc
Cross platform version control.

Externally Developed Software:

External Packages Open source libraries developed by others.


MC1 Flexible kit for creating MIDI controllers for the Axefx [Sold Out]
MC2 Raspberry Pi1 MIDI controller for the Axefx2 [Deprecated]
MC4 Raspberry Pi3 MIDI controller for the Axefx2/3 [Active]
1U LED Ring SPI based LED ring for RGB LEDs.