Commercial Software:

Scribe Icon InScribe
Low-Cost, Lightweight Email Client.

Open Source:

i.Hex Icon i.Hex
Hex Editor.


Scribe Icon i.Scribe
Lightweight Email Client (Limited version of InScribe).
Gifferly Icon Gifferly
Captures the screen to an animated GIF.
i.Disk Icon i.Disk
Disk Space Viewer.

Developer Tools:

LgiIde Icon Lgi
Lightweight GUI Interface.
LgiRes Icon LgiRes
Lgi Resource Editor.
Lvc Icon Lvc
Cross platform version control.

Externally Developed Software:

Webscheduler Free
Last open source version of Webscheduler.
External Packages
Open source libraries developed by others.


Flexible kit for creating MIDI controllers for the Axefx [Sold Out].
Raspberry Pi MIDI controller for the Axefx2 [In Development].
1U LED Ring
SPI based LED ring for RGB LEDs.