Open Source Libraries


In my various travels I've ported a number of open source libraries to windows (from unix/linux) and specifically Visual Studio. And to keep track of these I'm putting them online so that people can benifit from the work... and I don't er... lose them ;)

I don't provide support for any of these, so don't ask me to fix something. You should contact the owner of the package or better yet fix the issue yourself.


libpng + zlib Visual Studio 2005 projects for libpng and zlib with both win32 and win64 builds. The libpng project depends on the zlib project. Not all warnings are fixed at the moment, mostly stuff about the secure CRT, but it builds and works.
  • libpng v1.5.4
  • zlib v1.2.5


iconv Visual Studio 2005 project, source and binaries for iconv targetting both win32 and win64.

Download: [9.86mb]

cairo A snapshot of cairo from CVS, modified to build with Visual C++ 6 with various WIN32 options.


libssh Conversion of libssh's release 0.11, modified to build with Visual C++ 6. It's probably not complete but it works for me.


libjpeg Visual studio 2005 and VC6 projects for libjpeg release 6b.