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i.File Release
Date: 7/5/2004
I've released a new release of i.File and this time there is a binary for linux as well as the source.

This is alpha software, so the usual disclaimers about alpha software that manipulates files applies but I'm really enjoying using it day to day on RedHat 9. YMMV.
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Gnome + KDE d'n'd
Date: 30/4/2004
I was just attaching some files to an email in Linux, and you know what? It's really quick if you don't use a Gnome or KDE application as the source or destination.

For years now I've been bemoaning the craptacular lack of speed that Linux GUI apps seem to be chained to. But now that I've written a) a file manager and b) an email client for Linux I see it's not the GUI (i.e. X11) that is necessarily at fault here, it's also the applications.

You see when I drag a file from my file manager to my email client it works wonderfully. No jerking cursor, halts or long waits. It's all smooth and easy. But if I use the KDE file manager it's a mess of stuttering cursor's trails across the screen, delays and bugs when you touch the edge of a window.

I can see it now... "Matt's Linux distro"... no Gnome, no Kde... just quick and lean little applications to GET WORK DONE.


Maybe not... to "popular culture" for my taste... The Matrix is still a bitter wound in my memory that hasn't healed.

"Mattoo!" - A flavour of gentoo?
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i.Task on Debian
Date: 27/4/2004
I've heard that on Debian GNU/Linux 3.0r2 i.Task displays an error when trying to load saying it can't find the symbol 'dlopen'. So I've fixed the libraries that it links against and put a new build here.

Would someone with that OS be able to test it for me?

I'd like to know if my fix worked or not.
Update: Looks like it's fixed... thanks.
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For Sale: Fender Strat
Date: 22/4/2004
I'm selling my strat, if you interested take a look.
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i.Task Released
Date: 20/4/2004
I've released a new application for watching processes under Linux called i.Task.

Source and binaries are available.
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The new breed
Date: 11/4/2004
As if bombarding my Inbox with hundreds of small viruses, spams and scams each day wasn't enough the malware authors in their infinite wisdom are now trying to DDOS me with 1.12MB viruses.

Which must take their toll on the senders bandwidth. You can't bang them out like the 29KB rodents that I usually get. Gee, just when you thought you'd seen it all.

Currently I've written a filter to delete anything with a zip attachment as spam. So if you are trying to send me something for the first time I suggest not zipping it so that I don't filter it out.
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