Scribe v2.1
Date: 27/1/2015
Tags: scribe
So the v2.0 builds are basically stable as far as I can tell. Although there is some issues with some people connecting to SSL servers and one report of a crash at startup on MacOSX 10.10 (which I'm investigating). In the light of that I'm shifting my attention to the features in the v2.1 branch. I want to go through the things I'm aiming to get into that release:
  • Scripting
    Firstly as you may have seen in previous blog posts there is a visual debugger now. There is also support for calling external functions (i.e. in a system or 3rd party DLL/so/dylib). This is all with a view towards making the plugin functionality script based rather than C++ binaries. The problem with C++ binaries is they are VERY dependant on a stable ABI (application binary interface). I hate having to rebuild the plugins every time I release. If the plugins are scripts they will generally just work between releases and not need updating.
  • Html Editing
    This is a big missing feature and I'm committing to getting some basic functionality stable. To start with I want to match the text based functionality with a few extras like bolding, colours etc and then start adding more stuff like images and block quotes etc. It'll be a long road but I better get started.
  • Built-in Aspell
    Instead of requiring the user to install an old Aspell independently, from v2.1 onwards there will be a modern version of Aspell pre-installed. Dictionaries will still need to be downloaded on demand. The port to windows has been done, and stability testing and integration is underway.
  • Automated Crash Reporting
    It's most likely that in the first few releases of v2.1 there will be some automated reporting of crash dumps. Yesterday I wrote up a guide for reporting crashes and that will be the basis for the automated reporter.
  • Mac Native Look
    The mac port is already looking a lot more native with scroll bars, check boxes and radio buttons all taking on native rendering. I'll be looking into integrating native edit controls as well. I don't like the current rendering of text in the edit controls... the kerning keeps jumping around.
  • Calendar UI Refresh
    The calendar event window is in the process of being rewritten to be more modern and match existing systems. This will enable better workflow and integration with vCal files.
  • Logging
    All the logging now goes through the log window instead of ending up just in 'Scribe.txt'. This means that users can access pertinent log information directly through the user interface. There will be an icon that you can put in the main toolbar to show that log, and it will change appearance when there are new messages.
  • Linux Betas
    The GTK port on Linux has been running OK for a while now with a few issues. The main one is that the popup windows are all pretty flakey. And try as I might the GTK API doesn't leave a lot of room for fixing that. In any case I'll be getting some builds up and see how they go.
If you think I'm missing something really obvious that chime in either on email or in the comments on this post.

I'm looking to get the first build out sometime in Feburary.
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