Scribe - Reporting Crashes

Reporting Crashes in Scribe

If Scribe crashes it will usually generate a crash dump. These are needed to see where the crash occured so it's important to send them to me along with any crash report.

The things that I need in a crash report are:


If you get an "Application Crash"...
This application has crashed. A mini dump has been written to: ... Take careful note of the path to the crash dump. On modern windows it will be:
But on Windows XP it should be:
C:\Documents And Settings\username\Application Data\Scribe\Scribe-#,##,##,##-crash.dmp
If you have trouble getting to the AppData folder, just type it into the path bar like this.

Then find the latest .dmp file: And send it to me. Once you have sent me the file, you can delete it.


If you get "Scribe quit unexpectedly"... Open Finder and from the Go menu select "Go To Folder..." And enter the name: ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports

In that folder there should be some crash dump files starting with "Scribe": Send me that file(s) and then delete any old reports. Please include the version of Scribe you are running and what version of OS X you are using.

Leave any files not starting with "Scribe" alone.