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Carlos Rocha
13/06/2003 10:47pm

There are any chance of exporting/importing a language from resouce file (Scribe.lr8)?
The problem is that when we translate a language, for accident, we can destroy any other.
If we could export the language, was possible send to you only that language, and you could append it to the resource file.

14/06/2003 12:55am
You can use the LrStrip tool to remove languages, so if you copied the file first then striped out all except the language you wanted then that would work.

However when I receive a translation I don't use any of the data other than the updated language. LgiRes can import just a specific language from a resource file, so that way the changes are perfectly merged into the current resource file even if I have made other changes to the master file since you started editing your copy.

The end result is that I just discard all the languages except the one your've been editing. So it doesn't matter if you strip the file before sending, or not. Unless I'm not understanding what you mean.