LrStrip is a command line utility for striping out languages from Lgi resource files. It also removes unnecessary whitespace from the file.

For applications where size is important, like running Scribe from a floppy disk, you can shrink the size of 'Scribe.lr8' from around 245kb to 100kb by removing the languages you don't use. This is less useful for downloading, as the .lr8 files compress really well. But when installed they are left as plain uncompressed text.

There are 3 parameters to LrStrip that you need to provide:

LrStrip comes with it's own LGI.DLL, which may be different from the current version of Scribe, so run it from it's own directory so it doesn't get confused over which DLL it's supposed to run with.
0.20 [Stable]

  • Updated to support the new format .lr8 files.
0.10 [Stable]