Gtk3 bugs on Debian (Gnome WM)
Date: 26/6/2021
Tags: linux gtk3 debian
So over the last month I've been poking at Lgi (the framework Scribe uses) on Debian trying to fix the numerous graphical glitches in the GTK3 port. And I've come to the realization that it's just horribly broken. Unlike the Ubuntu 16/18/20 installs I have that "just work". Debian seems to include the window shadow in all the coordinates. WTF? So mouse cursor x/y values are +24 compared to the window. (Ie if you move the mouse to the top left corner it's still 26,28 or something) Setting the size of the window results in a GTK_CONFIGURE message with a wildly different rectangle (out by something like 24 x 2?). Leaving all the controls in the window scaled off the right and bottom edges. None of the invalidation of dirty client content work correctly. And on top of that they use a different glib version.

They cookin up a mess over there in Debian land. So in the short to medium term I'm just going to not support Debian. Unless someone wants to chime in with some good ideas.
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