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Imap Deletion Behaviour
Date: 14/5/2008
Whats the standard user agent behaviour for deletion of mail and folders stored on an IMAP server?

Do the items just disappear never to be seen again?

Or do they go into a trash folder?
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Panther Support Dropped
Date: 13/5/2008
In the upcoming round of Mac releases I'm dropping explicit support for Panther. Supported OS's will be 10.4.11 and the latest 10.5 release. I will try and make a PPC build as well as an x86 build but they'll likely be separate releases so that the download size is reasonable. Otherwise Scribe will be like a 4mb download instead of a 2.1mb download.
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Mac Native
Date: 10/5/2008
I know that it's been a long time between drinks regarding Mac releases. And thats mostly because I've been very busy with other projects. But the last few weeks I've been working more and more on the Mac codebase. I've spent a lot of time re-working the drag and drop support. Which apart from not looking any different is becoming more reliable and flexible. Secondly I'm working on compatibility with standard Mac key bindings, for instance hiding a window. And now I'm playing with the native Mac file open dialogs. I've got a basic implementation working. Now it's a case of mapping all the parameters to the various Mac APIs.

As for the various apps I've ported, I've got i.Mage working quite well on Mac and i.Hex has been ported as well. The Scribe port is undergoing day to day testing. I've changed some things in the receive code to log all the accesses to the mail transfer status variable which has been getting corrupted by something. So far so good.

I'm also planning to play with some of the native controls inside the context of an Lgi application. Which hopefully will make the app look and feel more native. I'm wondering if I can make the toolbars extend the title bar down over the buttons. Hmmmm.
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Scribe Progress
Date: 5/5/2008
After this debarcle I've had to spend some serious time extending and fixing the FolderDump utility that can re-build badly broken folders. This tool scans the folders.mail2 file and extract all the usable information out of it and writes a "good" version of it to export.mail2. This is a somewhat difficult thing to do depending on the type of damage the file has received. In this case, every object had lost it's hierarchy and had to be re-connection to the tree in some meaningful way. Some other folders have millions of false positive objects and duplicate object pointers. Other have random corruptions and broken links.

So anyway if you've been wondering where I'd disappeared to, well thats where.

Oh and writing/recording music. I do more than code apps.
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More Visual C++ 2005 Keyboard Idiocy
Date: 21/4/2008
After the previous keyboard related debarcle it should come as no surprise that Visual C++ 2005 can shoot itself in the foot with macros. The situation I found myself in today is that the Ctrl+F7 shortcut that is used to kick off a compile stopped working. I tried closing Visual C++ and restarting it and resetting the keyboard bindings to their default (Visual C++ 6 of course) and nothing worked. The only thing out of the ordinary that I'd done recently was to record and use a temporary macro. So I thought that could be related to the compile keyboard shortcut not working. Experimental I open the Macro explorer (Tools -> Macros -> Macro Explorer) and there was a section in that called "Recording Module" and under that "Temporary Macro". So I deleted the temporary macro and tried the compile shortcut again. Lo and behold... it works again!

Words fail me...
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Leopard Support
Date: 19/3/2008
X-Mailer: InScribe v1.90 (Test3, MacOSX v10.5.2, Debug, en)
Yes I'm working on Leopard support. So far the major issue seems to be a slow down somewhere in the startup code. So I've built the codebase on Leopard and fixed the project files. And I'm not seeing any slowness on a Leopard based build. So maybe it's because the current release is built on Tiger that it's having issues. Leopard isn't really stable enough for everyday usage IMHO so I'd like to be able to work out what is borking up Tiger based builds of Scribe on Leopard.

Most of the other issues appear to be similar to Tiger. Still there seems to be so much work to do and so little time.

One issue I'm looking at is that I can't load libPng in Leopard (works in Tiger). When I dlopen(libPng.dylib) I get "image not found" but a spotlight search turns it up in the frameworks tree. What gives?

I have fixed some other non-Leopard issues while I'm here. Unfortunately not "the" issue, which is the hang in the receive mail code due to memory corruption. It's hard to reproduce and harder to debug.
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