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Author/Date Feature request: Find mail by marked colour
14/03/2019 11:33am
I'm finding it very difficult finding messages that I have marked because I have several mail folders with a large number of messages in them and several nested folders.
In the Find dialog, it would be helpful to add a "Limit to Marked" field and then being able to select a colour from a drop-down list. Adding a "Not" checkbox to this search would be helpful to select "Not None".
14/03/2019 5:09pm
Nah I don't think so...

15/03/2019 9:57am
Looks nice!
18/03/2019 3:06am
If I leave the Find window open overnight, the display gets corrupted and after I try to use it again, Scribe crashes.
18/03/2019 10:41am
As always with crashes the procedure to report is here.
07/04/2019 6:30am
I haven't been able to duplicate this problem since I reported it.
07/04/2019 6:35am
It would be nice if the result list in the Find box displayed the colour for each message.

Over the years, the colours that I use for various purposes has changed so it would be good to go through the whole lot of marked messages and change the colours to be consistent.