Lgi Intergrated Developement Environment
Date: 3/10/2003
Well after all this time bashing away at code in Linux I've given up with Kate and jEdit and written my own IDE using Lgi (of course).

So my life is not complete or anything, but life in Linux is marginly less painful. Of course I had to fix it myself didn't I. *sigh*

So far it's got a bunch of stuff:
  • Import M$ .dsp files.
  • Heirarchy of folders to store links to source, headers, and resources.
  • Calls external make to build executable.
  • Project wide settings for tab + indent size, hard tabs, show whitespace.
  • Uses Ted/Scribe text control.
  • Mdi panes for documents.
  • Captures build output, console output of application running, and find in files info. Allows you to "next msg" through all that with F4.
  • Projects can have dependencies on other projects.
  • Project file format is simple XML.
  • Find in files function.
Things I'm thinking of adding:
  • My own build system: dependency checker, build options etc.
  • C/C++ source code browsing functions like "Show Defn", "Find All References" etc. Yum!
I won't make a binary release of this yet, but all the source will be in each Lgi release so you can just build it yourself.
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