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Date: 11/11/2002
I'd always heard about some Linux advocates and their complete disregard for courtesy and kindness in the online space... and well I've received my first 'helpful' commentry on my political stance with regard to selling software and licences.
This charming email has graced my inbox this morning... read it and laugh... or cry.
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 00:05:39 +0000 (UTC)
From: Barry Fitzgerald <>
Subject: Licenses and making a living.


	First, I'd like to say that your attitude against the GNU GPL is
insulting.  You want GNU GPL advocates to "Go away"?  OK, I will - but
first I'm going to let you know why you're losing market share to
superior (and even some inferior) GNU GPL'ed products.  After all, you may
not be able to control distribution on GPL'ed software - but how could you
possibly make a living on software that no one uses?
	You may not be in that position right now, but I'll be surprised
if you continue to sustain a profit on a proprietary e-mail application.
I was intrigued enough by screenshots of your e-mail client to consider
downloading it.  One of the first things I look for is the license.  I
have no interest in vendors who don't consider the needs of their users
when creating products.  I also feel that in the long run, those vendors
will cease to exist.  And you may soon understand this.  In case you
haven't noticed, e-mail clients are commodity products.  Sure, not all are
created equal - but you have very little to go on.  Your steam will
ultimately run out.

You're selling tap water in a world where Dasani flows from the taps.

If you don't understand the problem with that, then you should just get
out of business right now.  You will fall flat on your face.

I won't ask you to GPL your program.  You've demonstrated a sever loss of
logic in your thought process.  Using your software would be foolish after
that.  I will, however, continue to advocate for and produce GNU GPL'ed
software.  We will fill the world with it.  We're already doing it.  The
GNU GPL is a virus - bah!  What FUD.  Your verbal masterbation seems
designed only to allow you to hear yourself think.

These economic and social arguments have been heard before.  They were
uttered by plantation owners before the United States Civil War.  They
were uttered by Nazis before the holocaust.  Hell, you can go back in
history and find an economic argument for anything and everything.

Economics is no justification for anything - it fits into societies, and
when societies allow it to define them, they often meet with great trouble
as their loss of ethics devolves them into the hated of the world.  For in
economics, there is only one interest: my own.  But, the world doesn't
work that way.  Selfish people are cast from society long before they ever
realize what's actually happening.  Only by the virtue of gullability,
stupidity, and the abundance of resources do they ever find their place of
survival.  It is only by virtue of ignorance that the "pragmatic" sect
exists.  I have placed "pragmatic" in quotes for a reason.

So, choose your side.  Are you for freedom, or for slavery at the hands of
economic justification?  Would you propagate strict control for your own
gain like a tyrant?  Or would your works be used by people for as long as
they have value, providing them with the value that they need?

You may not understand this dichotomy now, but soon it shall be appearent.
Either our community will prevail - and you would have been wrong anyway.
Or, we will be repressed under legislation, control, and corruption - and
you will see the damage of economic argumentation.

For, the basest of acts has an economic argument.  Hell, I can justify
killing my neighbor with an economic argument.  That does nothing to make
the act right.
SDF Public Access UNIX System -
I don't feel I have to defend myself, nor do I take it personally. I have a fairly thick skin.

I don't see how not using the 'GPL' is tantamont to 'killing my neighbor'.


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