The evils of cidaemon.exe
Date: 22/2/2008
I have been regularly having issues writing to files. The symptoms would basically be, try and open a file, OpenFileW would hang for about 2 minutes and then return a valid handle to the file. This causes havoc in my applications as you can imagine. So I fired up the wonderful SysInternals process explorer and looked for what had that file open and some dinky little process called 'cidaemon.exe' has it open.

Dear Google, what is 'cidaemon.exe'?

Dear Matt, 'cidaemon.exe' is the Microsoft indexing service.

Riiiiight. Ok well it's indexing my drive for "searching" which btw sucks on windows. So I'm going to turn it off. You can do that on XP by clicking Start->Search->Files/Folders and then in the Search Options clicking the "Indexing Service" field and it'll give you an option to disable it.

I consider a process regularly holding a non-sharable lock on MY file for 2 minutes severely broken. So I'm going to see what life is like with the indexing service. I suspect that life will be sweeter, my machine faster and my files will open easily.

But this IS windows were talking about... *sigh*
22/02/2008 1:41am
My sympathy! Bigger company, lesser brain, no care. You can smell rewarding stuff, it drips from sweat ;-) No amusement w/o engagement -or- kill all infantile overhead!
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