Don't Lose Data
Date: 7/8/2007
I read Jeff Atwood's post about What's Worse Than Crashing? this morning and I whole heartedly agree on his assessment. However I have not been as diligent as him, in that my software has caused user's to lose data (and I'm very sorry about that if it was you!), however it's getting better, in fact I released Scribe v1.89-test20 this morning to try and prevent users from corrupting their settings file (yay... go me *cringe*).

Anyway I opened up my phone to look for some info I had stored in the calendar. And recent events were in there but as I scrolled back through the months there was no old events at all. It seems all the events from Jun 2007 back were gone. Typical I thought. It's crashed or something and lost some of my data. (The phone has well and truly lost any credibility with me). Anyway so I start googling around for info on the problem hoping to bump into some other frustrated users and maybe get a solution... and got pretty much nothing. So I noodled around for a firmware update. And idly ran through the settings on the phone looking for anything that might shed some light on it. Then I saw it... in the Calendar setup there is an option called "Delete After:" and the value was "4 weeks".

A moment of stunned silence followed. Crickets chirped. Huh? The default mode of the phone is to f*** with the users data? Niiiiice. Good one Motorola... thats just sweet, you really nailed that setting. Oh of course there is a "Never" option, which perchance is what the user would expect to be the default, but thats not the default is it? Nooooo. Unbelievable.... unbelievable.

The default setting!

Unbelievable... *sigh*
07/08/2007 4:25am
This is on top of:

  • Glacially slow menus
  • Submenus with count them... 1 item in inside... what the?
  • Video recording that struggles to attain 1 frame/sec.
  • Stuttering when trying to playback long videos.
  • Occasionally loses newly enter contacts (via a friend)
  • Hardware buttons that don't last (mine are getting flakey already)
  • Insanely slow web/online access (take 5-6 times longer than a Nokia 6280)
  • Really doesn't play well with 3rd party headphones.
  • Music player added as an after thought.
  • No external playlist support.
27/08/2007 2:35am
I have a V3 for sale. Cheap.
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