Scribe/Mac Alpha
Date: 24/3/2007
I've completed all the things needed for a reasonable Alpha release of i.Scribe/InScribe including some basic import/export support using drag and drop, which is more than I intended to do. Also I fixed the help system to bring up something rather than error out.

However I havn't got the project setup to built the Lgi framework inside the app bundle yet and I won't get another chance to look at it until tomorrow because tonight I'm off to a my wife's birthday party. Hmmm sushi.

Till tomorrow then.
25/03/2007 10:41am
So there it is, the first Mac-alpha! Great! I couldn't get to run it, since it says that it cannot find Scribe.lr8 :-( (I'm running a MiniMac OS 10.4.9.)
25/03/2007 10:48am
Well it ran on both my 10.3.9 mini and my 10.4.8 macbook... so I tried :)

No worries, I'll be looking into it.

Thanks for the feedback.
25/03/2007 11:11pm
I've posted a logging build here:

You'll need to run it from the terminal and capture the output to a file.
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