Mac Mini DVI Pinout?
Date: 15/11/2005
There already exists a converter for the Mini (and Powermac) that gives you Composite Video and S-Video out of the DVI port. But it means you can't have the main display plugged in as well. The adapter is not doing any signal conversion, just exposing the right pins in the DVI cable as an RCA jack and an S-Video jack. But what pins would those be?

So my devious mind went to work, and I see no reason why you couldn't (in theory) have a pass-through converter that exposes the composite and S-Video signal AND the DVI signal. So you can have BOTH tv-out and your main display happening at the same time. Niiiiiice!

But from my reading of the DVI interface specification (pinouts) there is no "composite video" or "s-video" pins, just analogue RGB and sync. So dear reader, what exactly is the pinout on the Mini, something different?

If given half a chance I'd like to try cobbling up a Composite & DVI adapter up from scratch. Hopefully short of buying the Apple adapter and ripping it apart to see how it's done.
15/11/2005 5:01am
This was almost it...
15/11/2005 12:19pm
If "The adapter is not doing any signal conversion" is true, than I suppose (based on information from your previous comment/link) that Mac
just switches its video mode and signal levels on some of DVI's pins. So you can attach monitor OR TV/video, not both (unless your monitor supports standard PAL/NTSC video signal levels and frequencies :-). Atari Falcon and Amiga worked like this (probably, its long time ago...)

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