iTunes Australia
Date: 25/10/2005
Well after my previous rant about the iTunes Music Store (US) I thought it was only "fair" if I checked out the new Australian iTunes Store.

The only things I wanted to know are:
  1. Does it have various obscure local bands that I like?
  2. Is it fast?
  3. Does it let me pay with PayPal?

Short answer: don't know, NO and NO!

Long answer: I tried finding some songs I wanted and well so far the page hasn't loaded after 5 minutes so I have no idea if the catalogue is any good. It's slow. In fact it's so slow it makes dial up look positively snappy. I think they have employees that read the incoming HTTP requests out, and someone writes it down, walks over to the library catalogue of songs they have... works out the search results, writes it down, hands it back to the data entry employee (there is just one, who is really busy) who then types up the results in HTML and sends it back out the 300 baud modem to me. It is faster to find and download a song over p2p than it is to see if ITMS even has the song. There is a 6 letter word for that.

And no ITMS Australia does NOT support PayPal like the US store, because... because... uh I have no idea why. Theres a freakin' PayPal Australia site and everything!
25/10/2005 10:16pm

Well, if it makes you feel better... the US site is just as slow. And it has the annoying habit of dropping what it's doing to jump to the CD Song List screen whenever I put a CD in (even though I've told it to leave the CD drive alone).
09/11/2005 3:30am
Well it's been over week now, and it's still stupid slow. But it's maybe like 2400 baud instead of 300 baud.
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