Video Card Malfunction
Date: 20/9/2005
I have for the last little while been suffering this seemingly daily problem of corrupt video output from my PC. The video card is a Xpertvision AGP NVidia 6200 bought 3 months ago. Basically what happens is during normal use the screen will go almost black, and if I turn the brightness all the way up I can just see the picture, however all the colours are corrupted. At this point I can change the screen resolution using the display settings and that restores the colours and brightness to normal. I'm using the latest Nvidia drivers with an up to date Windows XP sp2 install.

I made a video (12mb) of the problem on my DV cam. What the video shows is the corrupt screen, then I turn the brightness down to normal to show the black screen... Then I turn the brightness back up to show the corrupt window borders and then I change the video mode to restore the normal colours. Sorry I should have narrated it but I forgot.

The card properties says the GPU is running at 43°C which sounds fairly safe. The card has never been overclocked.

Has anyone seen such a problem before?
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