Subaru Model Snobbery
Date: 23/6/2005
Subaru's Japanese range is somewhat different to the range we get down under. I suspect because of the differences between fuel quality and compliance laws. However it's interesting to compare the model ranges.

Model Australia Japan New Zealand
2.0i 101kw 103kw 101kw
2.0r - 140kw -
2.5i 121kw - 121kw
3.0r 180kw 184kw 180kw
GT 190kw 206kw 206kw

I feel jipped! Especially because we don't get the 140kw 2lt that gets 7.4L/100km. I can't afford the GT or 3.0r yet but maybe one day. Currently the idea of a 2.5i with a safety pack is appealing over the options: Accord Euro (version with 6 air bags too expensive) or Mazda6 (aweful aweful trim in the mid level model). The only downside is that horibly underpowered 2.5 litre engine.

I find it interesting that NZ gets a mish mash of japanese spec and aussie spec vechicles in their line up.
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