More Sube
Date: 19/7/2004
Hot diggity. There is a place out past Parramatta with an Air Flow Meter for $150 AUD... (as opposed to $600 new). And it's the right part... an obsure STI part no less, complete with pink badging. I'm still amazed to find one here in Australia.

Anyway I limped the Sube there and back, as the old AFM starts to malfunction when it gets hot. So I was driving along keeping the RPM below 2500 and trying to avoid stopping at lights. Or the engine bay would start to heat up without the air flow and then as the car moved off it would splutter and jerk. Hmmmm fun fun fun.

But over lunch I install the new AFM all by myself and it's working like a charm. For once I didn't have to pay someone to work on the car. (Well we all have to take baby steps first)
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