In the context of a mail window, Ctrl+F should be...
Date: 21/6/2018
Tags: scribe ui
  • "Find" - as in the same shortcut as most text editors.
  • "Forward" - as in the same shortcut as Outlook and Gmail. And if so how does the user "Find" stuff...
Currently the shortcuts in the mail window of Scribe are:
  • Ctrl+Enter - Send the message
  • Ctrl+Up - Previous message
  • Ctrl+Down - Next message
  • Ctrl+P - Print the message
  • Ctrl+R - Reply to the message
  • Ctrl+W - Forward the message (although I've just changed the dev build to 'Close Window')
  • Ctrl+S - Save the message
  • Ctrl+T - Select the text editor
  • Ctrl+H - Select the HTML editor
Obviously on the mac platform the modifier is instead of Ctrl.
22/07/2018 7:26am
Ctrl+F should definitely "Find". It is infinitely more intuitive (only a slight exaggeration) than the 'F3' that Outlook uses. Furthermore, the consequences of unintentionally hitting the "Forward" key are more annoying than unintentionally hitting the "Find" key.

You've already got "Esc" to "Close Window", leaving Ctrl+W for "Forward". The only action that is left out is "Reply All": perhaps Ctrl+Shift+A?
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