Rich Text / HTML support in Scribe
Date: 5/12/2016
Tags: scribe
There has been a lot of people asking about the Rich Text / HTML editing support in Scribe and so while not fixing crash bugs I'm actively developing a new control to support styled text editing.

So that those that are interested can track the progress I'm publishing my internal spreadsheet of bugs and features:

Broadly speaking my hope is to have a very basic control working by the end of the year. Good enough that you can write and reply to email with, even if there isn't a lot of support for styling. Maybe some basic stuff like bold, colours and font size.
19/12/2016 3:52pm
The list of fixed issues gets larger and the remaining issues stays the same. Hmmmm.
21/12/2016 1:26pm
Well a release is out with a usable control. I did reach the end of the Priority 1 defects, but since then have promoted the most important p2 and p3 things up to p1.

If people have a pressing need for something that is stuck in p2 or p3 then let me know. Some a easy to do, others not so much (undo/redo is not going to be fun)
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