i.Mage is a small and fast graphics editor slanted towards quite and easy pixel editing, ala DPaint from the DOS/Amiga days. Instead of being a bloated behemoth with a zillion plugins it starts in under a second and it does a lot of the mundane jobs of image editing quickly and without fuss. The right tool for simple jobs.

Source code is available under the LGPL. If you don't see links in the download section I can provide then on request. I'm usually hacking on code rather than keeping every last i dotted and t crossed. If you don't see a feature you want your welcome to add it to the code and send me a diff.

While i.Mage is not deprecated I don't spend a lot of time on it these days. Requests for features or bug fixes may take some time to get some attention.

Main features

Building From Source

i.Mage is hosted on Github:
To download the source:
git pull https://github.com/memecode/Lgi.git
git pull https://github.com/memecode/i.Mage.git


Windows x32
0.7 MiB, 27/2/2010

0.7 MiB, 14/1/2008


1.11 [Next]

  • Added option to the select tool to make the selection into the a) brush or b) the document. This allows you to use the select tool to crop the document easily. (Duh, after how many years?)
  • Added error message to the paste image -> clipboard in case it doesn't work.
  • Added brush menu command to make the brush into the document.
  • Fixed the resulting brush when selecting is "square" mode.
  • Added code to cancel selection with the ESC key.
  • Added tiff write support, changed backend to libtiff.
  • Fixed erasing images with an alpha channel.
  • Fixed writing .gifs that use an alpha channel.
  • Fixed tiles in the super view.
  • Fixed the saving and loading of the grid and tile settings and making sure the UI button is in the right state.
1.10 [Stable]
Download: Installer [Windows x32, 730K, 27/2/2010]

1.09 [Stable]
Download: Installer [Windows x32, 668K, 14/1/2008]
1.08 [Stable]
1.07 [Alpha]
1.06 [Stable]
1.05 [Stable]
1.04 [Stable]
1.03 [Stable]
1.02 [Stable]
1.01 [Stable]
1.00 beta 2 [Stable]
1.00 beta 1 [Stable]
0.99 [Stable]
Download: Binary [, 799K, 10/11/2004]
0.98 [Stable]
0.97 [Unstable]
0.96 [Stable]
0.95 [Stable]
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