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Author/Date porting lgi and friends to SkyOS
04/11/2007 1:49pm
hello, skyos ( is a modern operating system. it's currently really lacking in applications, and since I like your software especially i.scribe and i.ftp I'd like to request a port to this OS.
I think your software will receive more attention in there because of the lack of mature 3rd party applications. besides, we need something lighter than thunderbird ;-)
The commercial impact for Scribe is also greater.

Please consider,
and thanks in advance, Kobi.
05/11/2007 12:03am
I'm having enough trouble with the 3 platforms I already support. So no I won't be adding a 4th.

If someone wants to port Lgi to SkyOS (and get say, i.Ftp running) then I'll have a crack at compiling i.Scribe for SkyOS and making a release.

But I'm not porting Lgi to another platform.