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Author/Date Poll: How stable is Scribe v1.80 (16-9)?
17/09/2002 11:29am
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18/09/2002 12:11am
Well inquiring minds want to know! Which "specific cases" are we talking about here?

(PS. If your serious about reporting crash data you should use the "-symbols" download to be able to include usable debug info, like file-names and line-numbers of the stack trace in the report)
19/09/2002 3:47pm
My specific case was as described in my email, that is:
- crashes always on attampt to display the first-lines message preview in list view.

Besides crashes, I was thinking about the Item Filter feature. Imho the size filter should work in an alternative way, e.g. ">300" or "<1000". (the same probably applies to Date field).

19/09/2002 7:41pm
Item Filter:
Yeah, thats a good idea. However it's just finding time to implement it. I knew it was only a matter of time for someone suggested it.
Preview Lines crash:
I've looked into that and tweaked a few things for the next build.

Another Crash:
Open mail, Add contacts... go back make new contact. Add the new contact.