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02/04/2007 7:27pm
Your web site is very lean -- fast loading, etc. Which I like!
Is the underlying code your own or is it a publicly-available php package?
The ones I've used, like Xoops and so forth, are not this slick.
If it's your own code, maybe you should think about releasing a generic version for others to use.
02/04/2007 10:46pm
It is all my own code. But it's not very organised or elegant. I'm not a web coder after all. On top of that it looks very dated. I'm flat out working on my apps at the moment... so adding something else to support would take away from what I do with C++ code. :(
08/05/2007 1:37pm
Wow! I like the changes you made to the site :) The design is clean and simple. The only thing I don't like much it's that the blue colors give an overal 'cold' feeling to the site :-/ I think that you should always use a combination of 2 colors to avoid this. Well, that's my opinion.
Take care ;)