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Frank De prins
05/09/2002 1:24pm

I saw the latest screenshots of IScribe and was very pleased to see the abilities of the listview widget.

My intention is to port a version control management application from C++ Builder/VCL to something more portable and, after having looked at several GUI libs (wx, FOX, FLTK...) I think I'll go for LGI.

To come to the point, I was wondering whether the effects in the listview, like bold items, shaded columns and so are already possible with the current version of LGI, or should I wait for the next update?

Best regards and keep up this excellent work

05/09/2002 7:19pm
The current release is quite old because no-one really uses it except me.

The capabilities of the List control are controlled through various virtual functions in the listitem and list controls.

When I get the current crop of changes settled in LGI I'll post a more stable release and then you can grab it. If you need any help I'm happy to explain things. The code is reasonably organized but it's still a little messy here and there.

There is an example app floating around to, as well as several actual apps like Ted, i.Ftp and i.Mage that you can get source to, to see how things are done.
05/09/2002 7:20pm
Sorry, to answer your question, the cababilites of the list control are not in the release on the website... stay tuned for a new release (a week or so?).
Frank De prins
06/09/2002 1:57am
Hello again

The organization of the code is quite good. I made some more 'documentation' of it with Doxygen and I must say I understood most of the structure quite soon; at least to a level that I can get started with it.
I will probably start with some trivial starter apps before getting to the porting of my VCS app (which we use in the company where I work).
I am surprised to hear that not much people use it. If I compare it with all the others I tested (sometimes for months with various releases) I can assure you that you did a very nice job.

Best regards and thanks for the reply

08/09/2002 10:09pm
There is a current copy of the LGI source on the site now. It includes 3 apps: Ted, i.Ftp and i.Hex.

You will need to get iconv and patch the include paths to point to it to build.

All apps need to include the lgi/lgi.dsp and if you want to use the network stuff include lginet/lginet.dsp as well.

I generally put these into the os' path:

  • lgi/debug
  • lgi/release
  • lginet/debug
  • lginet/release

So that apps can find the most recent build of the library dll's.
Frank De prins
17/09/2002 10:39am
I finally found the time to try out the new version and it works nicely.
I had to make some minor changes in the apps here and there (like the a/w member union in Win32Class) to compile them, but, apart from that, it's all OK.
BTW: Does the 'unstable' label for this version reflects that the interface might still change (in which case, I'll wait a bit to start porting) or does it indicate the expected (in)stability of the binaries? I haven't had any surprises in that area, except for one crash of LgiRes.

Best regards and thanks again

17/09/2002 7:05pm
The API is fairly stable, but if I need to change something to fix a bug or get something to work I will. Or at least I have been doing that because no-one cared about the API. It hasn't changed much in the last few months. The whole GWin32Class thing going to .a and .w was to facilitate proper unicode support in WinNT/2K/XP and still retain Win9x support.

The "unstable" tag is to indicate that the implementations of various parts are still relitively fresh and could still contain bugs/hangs/crashes. Mostly this covers the charset support and the unicode/utf-8 porting. The rest is fairly bedded down.