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Author/Date Filter action "Delete from Xxxx" always deletes local
04/04/2024 12:37pm
In the Filter Actions, adding a "Delete ..." action, always results in the message being deleted from the local and not from the server, regardless of the value of the Argument.
05/04/2024 2:09pm
I would imagine it's a POP only feature at the moment. There is no reason that it can't work with IMAP but it's probably not implemented. That said it also may have broken in the last few years. I don't use it personally at the moment.
06/04/2024 8:52am
Wait, it works fine for me. Something else is going on. Have you checked the console for errors during the filtering process?
08/04/2024 9:30am
With an empty script, the Actions in the filter are:
Print "Spam"
Move To Folder /home/junk
Delete server

The only thing that happens is that the mail gets moved to /home/junk.
The message is still on the server and "Spam" does not get printed.

Is there a script command for Delete (on server)?
10/04/2024 12:06pm
"Spam" does not get printed.
The print action is designed to print the email, on an actually printer. It's currently broken.

Is there a script command for Delete (on server)?
Yes on the mail object. Been there for ages I believe.
10/04/2024 12:08pm
I also tried your list of filter actions, printing and moving before the delete. And it still worked for me.

Note the delete happens the next time the POP account is accessed. Not immediately. So do a receive or preview operation to "action" the delete.