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Author/Date Is Linux ARM64 (AArch64) musl build possible?
18/12/2023 10:12pm
Unfortunately, desktop PCs are dying out. People are switching to iPhones/iPads (iOS) and Android devices. And those who use Linux are switching x64 architecture to ARM64 (AArch64).

I'm currently testing postmarketOS which is based on Alpine Linux. Of course Scribe is not touch friendly at the moment but testing it on a mobile device would be great anyway.

I'm not familiar with porting software to a different architecture, so my question may sound stupid. Also, Alpine Linux uses musl instead of glibc. But anyway,

Is Linux ARM64 (AArch64) musl build possible?
30/01/2024 5:09pm
As it is I'm not spending a lot of time on Scribe. The last 24 years of development has left me a little tired of it. For the most part I'm just doing bug fixes for the existing code. Certainly not spending time on porting or new platforms.

That said, it's open source. So anyone can contribute if they want.