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Muhammad Tasneem
07/12/2023 4:16am

Does InScribe & i.Scribe are merged? and
does i.Scribe have multi accounts features?

I have more them 50 accounts to add in a client. Currently using Mailbird but want to move to some other client.
07/12/2023 3:06pm
Yeah the v3.x available now is basically what was the commercial InScribe client with multiple account support.

i.Scribe, the free version with 1 account, is no more.
Muhammad Tasneem
08/12/2023 5:14am
So, can we use version 3.x is in production?
Does it handle 40 to 60 accounts without any problem?
08/12/2023 9:02am
I don't have that many to test with so I don't know.

v3.x is still in beta... it's getting a lot better these days but I wouldn't call it production ready.