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Author/Date Is Linux party over?
20/04/2023 9:41am
There have been no Stable version updates for 2 years.

Linux v3.x Beta is still missing.
20/04/2023 10:05am
No it's not over. I'm currently working through a large backlog of testing because of the significant changes since v2.xx. But I still use the Linux version almost everyday and are still making fixes specifically to the Linux build. It's not very production ready though, in fact it just crashed 2 minutes ago. While I could just crank out a build now, there would be little point if it's not stable.

All that said, I'm not working on Scribe full time or anything, it's just a back ground hobby so to speak. And it IS open source. Ideally I'd like some other people to also contribute fixes and run the dev build.
21/04/2023 5:31am
If you want others to help you then it's better for a start to switch from the outdated forum format to some sort of a wiki where users can add and edit information.

For example, the article on ssl is outdated and the actual answer to my question I found in the last post here. Every site with a forum I encounter is a total mess with the same questions being asked and answered numerous times.

Also, some sort of an issue tracker would be helpful, too.
24/07/2023 3:55am
Okay, I'll bite -- I'll run the dev build.