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23/03/2023 11:55pm

I faced the problem to properly see emails in the i.Scribe 3.1 (I upgrade it from 2.4.21, where I had the same problem, too). Eventually, it will accept non-US characters and email will be sent fine.

I tried to find the libiconv.dll and libiconv-2.dll on the Internet. Additionally, I found iconv.dll file, too. Regardless which version I find out there, I continuously receive the same error.

I have VS 2015-2022 run-time installed on my machine.

Additionally, I used Sysinternals Process Monitor to find where should I place those libraries. Wherever I place them, scribe.exe find them and still display the red bar that libiconv is missing.

Do you have any recommendation/solution for this situation? Thanks.

Kind regards,
24/03/2023 9:31am
Yes, I did get your email as well. And I have actually been looking into that issue for you. There are multiple issues causing this to not work and I've been gradually working my way through them while being quite busy with a lot of other things.

Firstly on v3.1 the install capability system seems to be broken. This is fixed for v3.2 but that doesn't help you. In the meantime you will need this file.

Secondly, as of right now, that link will give you a 403 permission denied error because my hosting is being overly protective. Something I have an open ticket with them about.

Sooo. I've put a zipped version of the same file here. Unzip that in the same folder as your Scribe.exe and it should find it and start working.

The next build will be a lot smoother for users.
24/03/2023 10:13am
My hosting has now resolved the ticket and the direct DLL download is working for me now.
11/04/2023 8:03pm
Thanks, that .dll file solved the problem