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Author/Date Scribe V3.1 missing dll error
Elad R
28/12/2022 5:37am
I installed the program on an instance of windows and had it portable in my disk-on-key.
I then moved to another computer instance and recieved the following message:
VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found.

By looking at youtube videos, I realize I need to either download the dll component or the C++ Redistributable,
howeve I am on a public computer (hence wanting to use it portably) hence I cannot do that.

I have another instance of Scribe v2.4.x,
and it, however, works just fine.

Is there a way to solve the problem from within the program itself?

Thank you.
28/12/2022 8:42am
The DLL's you need are available in this installer.

I don't know whether you can use that somehow to get the install working. But you could install it somewhere that you have admin rights and then try and copy that DLL from the windows folder tree into the same folder that Scribe is installed to and that _might_ work?

The reason the previous version worked is that it requires an older Visual Studio redistributable DLL that IS installed on the target machine. Not requiring that DLL isn't an option for applications built with Visual Studio. Most Windows machines have those DLL's installed.