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22/03/2021 10:26am
I'm attempting to write a script to save all attachments in a message folder to a file folder. Two questions:
- How to I prompt the user for a file folder?
- How do a save an attachment to a file?
23/03/2021 7:37am
How to I prompt the user for a file folder?
You have 2 options...
- Use the SelectFile function to open a file select dialog. Ideally this would be a folder selector but I don't think there is any way to do that from script at the moment.
- Or maybe use GetInputDlg if you just want the user to enter a string.

How do a save an attachment to a file?
If you're iterating over the Mail.Attachment collection, which are objects of type 'Attachment', there is a Save method on that object which you can pass a filename. Something like:

for (i=0; i<Mail.Attachments; i++)
    Mail.Attachment[i].Save(BasePath + "\\" + Mail.Attachment[i].Name);

23/03/2021 7:47am
I've added a script function 'SelectFolder' that would be more suited to your script. And also the SelectFiles function has a new optional parameter to switch it to a "save as" dialog.
23/03/2021 12:59pm
SelectFolder sounds good -- thanks.

I'm thinking that the Tools menu is the best place for this, but I'm struggling with the first parameter to AddToolsMenuItem and the LoadString() function. What should I be using for this first parameter.
04/04/2021 4:26am
I had the script in the wrong folder, after fixing, the functionality appears in the Tools menu.