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19/07/2002 4:27am
First of all: thank you for you great work!
Now the sad things...

It seems that "new mail notify windows" doesn't get keyboard focus (even if it is the currently active window)... The only way to close it or to open incoming mails for reading is to use the mouse.

After closing "Compact folders" window i.Scribe automatically switchs from foreground to background.
BTW: is there any way to choose i.Scribe behaviour when compacting folders? I mean: it's ok if it removes deleted emails, but sometimes it removes old (or no-date ) emails without any obvious reason. Does it use an "age" algorithm?

I'm running i.Scribe 1.68RC2 on NT 4 SP5, if this can be of any help.

Thank you again!
19/07/2002 6:02am
New Mail Notify Window:
I think I can sort that out so that it's keyboard friendly.

Compact folders:
The window focus changing thing is a misunderstandig between windows and Scribe, and so I havn't been able to stop it. But I've tried, several times. Just like sometime just moving the mouse over a Scribe window causes it to mysteriously come to the front. I havn't found the cause as yet. Sorry.

Items are only removed during a compact if they are deleted or corrupted. "No date" emails are usually cause by some part of the application writing over the email's header and thus the compator see the object type is not valid and removes the node. So it's not the compact's fault, it's something furthur up the chain. It's usually a side effect of crashes, and more to the point happens a lot more in Windows 9x/ME than in 2k. It's been months since I've seen a bad email in my Scribe install, and I crash it all the time during development.

But Scribe isn't perfect, I'm still working on it and improving the stability and error detection. Sorry if you lost something important.
19/07/2002 7:40am
Thank you very much for your very detailed answers!
I didn't lose anything important, I just wondered what are the rules followed for compacting.

May I suggest the option to move old (age specified by user) e-mails in separate archives? Maybe there could be an archive for each month, a la "pine", or the user could be asked if (s)he wants to store old e-mail in an existing archive or to create a new one. In this way we could achieve both a sort of backup (there should be less chances to corrupt these archives if they're not accessed each time i.Scribe runs) and a smaller "folders.mail2" file to handle, while we could access old e-mails in quite an easy way.

Thank you again!