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30/06/2005 10:05pm
I just went through and bought myself a copy of InScribe and thought you should know that my browser clobbers the purchase complete screen. That's the one that shows up after the PayPal purchase. I am using Firefox 1.0.4 on a WinXP machine.

It looks like it may be a small typo in the html. Here's the html from the top of the purchase page:

<div id=title>PayPal Purchase</div>
<div id=sidebar>
<h2 class=heading>Sitemap</h2>

and here's the html from the top of this page:

<div class=title>Post</div>
<div class=sidebar>
<h2 class=heading>Sitemap</h2>

The purchase page is using "id" instead of "class". If that's all that's wrong, it should be an easy fix.

I normally wouldn't worry about a simple display issue, but it appeared that the code hadn't come through on the page since the actual body of the page was displayed after the Google ads

Thanks for the great program.

01/07/2005 12:09am
I've fixed that up. Thanks for letting me know.

Surprisingly enough I don't buy my own software too often ;)