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14/02/2004 5:05am
Will there be a new version of i.FTP for BeOS/Zeta soon?
14/02/2004 5:27am
Yes, although I have no fixed deadline. I just work on it when I get time.
15/02/2004 3:07pm
Thanks for your fast reply :) That's really great news! It would be also cool if a new version would include some of the 'new' BeOS icons made by Matthew McClintock in order to gain a consistent BeOS/Zeta look. Would be pleased to help out if necessary. Keep it up!

02/06/2004 12:11pm
Would be also cool if a localisation support (by languages files or Zeta LocaleKit) could be include. Sure the community would makes quicly all localised files in a few days !
02/06/2004 6:22pm
The battle plan was to get a basic version working on Zeta and then look at options for improving it or customizing for Zeta.

I would like to start using the locale kit but on the basis that it interoperates with the existing translation features in lgi. It would be sad to have the BeOS community provide translations and for them only to work in BeOS and not the other 2 platforms that i.Ftp runs on. Where as by editing the iftp.lr8 file the translations work anywhere.

This is the mechanism that i.Scribe uses for it's translations. Which works across Linux, Windows and BeOS. i.Ftp uses the same system but current no one has translated the UI.

I'm aware that the locale kit does more than that, so I'll be looking at some of the features not covered by lgi as things to include.