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Author/Date Poll: Is the <a href='/images/button.png'>new button</a> worth the extra cycles/memory to draw?
16/01/2004 12:00am
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16/01/2004 12:04am
There should really be a third option - "I don't use LGI". Yeah, I know you shouldn't answer if you don't use it, but if internet polls have taught me one thing, it's that people will have a strong opinion even when they don't know anything, and they love to tell you what it is.
Carlos Rocha
16/01/2004 9:30pm
I like it. How many cycles? how many memory? I don't believe it's that much!!
The beauty is important, if it's not too expensive. Is it worse than flash in web pages? will the implementation take too much of your time? Do you like it?
I trust you :)
16/01/2004 9:39pm
Snappy: Scribe uses LGI, all my apps do.
Carlos Rocha
17/01/2004 1:11am
Then go ahead. I think i should take a look at LGI myself
17/01/2004 1:55am
fReT: Whoops, I suppose I just proved my point. I completely misinterpreted what LGI does, and that comes from only skimming through the LGI description. I still have strong opinions, though! :-P
17/01/2004 8:13am
I hate when apps waste space in screen. I don't want good apps like yours turn looking like WinXP, specially if that will make them run slower and use more memory.

Maybe it will look nicer for a new user (not for me) but when you're actually using it you just don't keep staring at how nice buttons are, you just want them to work. For example, you might find IncrediMail very nice, with cool buttons and graphics here and there... but try to run it on a slow system and you'll hate them.
Carlos Rocha
18/01/2004 6:18pm
I agree with you for most of the things, specially when you say "Maybe it look nicer for a new user...".
Thatīs it: no software has many users without new users...
The ideal is when the user can turn the useless beauty off, when he isn't a new user no more.
18/01/2004 6:24pm
Well I think that it'll be an optional addon. Probably in the form of a DLL that comes with the default install, maybe 20-30kb that if present will take over the rendering of various UI widgets and the also the default colours of windows, menus, selections, text etc etc.

Thus users that don't want eye candy can delete the DLL and everything goes back to normal.
Carlos Rocha
18/01/2004 10:52pm
Once again u put everybody happy :)
Thank you
22/01/2004 5:52pm
I can't imagine a use for a button labelled "button", so it's not worth it.
25/01/2004 9:28am
I do not like it. I just happened to find this wonderfull little working tool. Please do not make it slower or provide an option to switch the new buttons off.
I will write some task specific enhancement to i.mage in my holidays.(if you do not mind).

25/01/2004 5:28pm
Nils: The visual enhancements will be provided as an optional DLL that users can delete or rename if they don't want the eye candy.

Personally you'd have to be using a pretty slow computer to notice the difference.

I've already completed the separatation of look and function API wise, and the skinning DLL will be released with the next version of Scribe.
24/09/2004 9:25am
hmm, is it already in? :)
how about a skinning plugin for *nix, that would, say, use the user's preferred GTK2 or Qt skin, if installed? :)
24/09/2004 9:29am
Scribe has been skinned for some while now. The code is in lgiskin.dll (or on Linux).

A Gtk+ or Qt skin lib is quite possible, but I'm a) not interested and b) too busy to write it myself.