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Author/Date Resend a sent message
Carlos Rocha
20/11/2003 5:05pm

I resent an already sent message with a few changes in it, and the new one replaced the original. Is this the intended behaviour? Maybe i'm wrong, but i think that the "Sent" folder should keep all de sent messages (i mean, it should represent the "message sent history").

I really like this programm :)

20/11/2003 5:13pm
Currently openning something from the sent messages folder and resending it doesn't create a new object. This is by design, because I like it that way. That only the most recent version is stored.

I don't see the point of saving all the different versions of an email.
Carlos Rocha
20/11/2003 6:52pm
Sorry if I disagree, but they are 2 messages, because 2 messages were sent, even if they are equal (what was not the case). But it's ok for me. I can work with copy and paste.
26/11/2003 1:59pm
If you changed the subject line to something
like "New Update" or add on to the end "Ver2"

Would it still be the same email?
26/11/2003 5:37pm
Yes it will still be the same email, just edited to contain different text.
Carlos Rocha
26/11/2003 6:07pm
...and if I change the "To:" field because I forgot to send the message to my mother? and, because I am forgotten, I send her the message again, and again, and again...
And if she has some kind of spam filter that...?

Now seriously: I still think that we should record everything we send to everybody (a simple check-box?...).

But, more or less easily, I can do the job (I understand what you mean, and will not argue anymore)

Scribe is great
07/01/2004 8:53am
I beg to disagree. Besides, what Carlos Rocha proposes is the way OE handles the situation. I know you're just one guy, but in this issue there seems to be some stuborness involved.

Have I told you what great product you have? Pity it isn't Open Source...