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Carlos Rocha
12/11/2003 7:36pm
I need to append a Digital Signature (standard X.509v3) to an attached file. How can I do that using Scribe (I know it's possible in many mail clients (Outlook, Eudora, Netscape,...). I absolutely need this feature...

Carlos Rocha
13/11/2003 1:37pm
My problem is: I received an PKCS#12 Certificate, wich I need to use to send mail massages to some destinations (Tribunals, ...). In Outlook i have the chance to import that certificate, and so in Netscape and Opera. How can I use this in Scribe? (I think gnuPG can't do it). Can anybody clarify me? Thanks in advance

PS:I really need this :(
13/11/2003 5:34pm
I don't think I can support PKCS#12 because cryptlib doesn't for good reasons.

But it does support X.509v3... which you asked about as well. So if I understand you right, you want to encrypt an attachment with a X.509v3 certificate?

Carlos Rocha
14/11/2003 2:11pm
I only need to digital sign the message and its attachements. And the certificate I have (provided by a public organization) is a PKCS#12 (and everybody in Portugal need to follow what that organization says).
And I really wanna put every lawyer in Portugal using Scribe.

So, in the link you suplied:

"Actually there is partial support for PKCS #12 present via the code module keyset/dbxpk12.c, if you really want PKCS #12 support you can add it by completing the code in the module."

Do you think there are any chance that we can have that "partial support" in Scribe? itīs better than nothing...

Thank you for your reply

Carlos Rocha
14/11/2003 2:15pm
I dont know what implementation are Outlook, Netscape and Mozzila using, but that's what I need...
Carlos Rocha
09/12/2003 11:28am
I'm ashamed, very ashamed :(

I just found that the certificate is in PKCS#7 format, not PKCS#12 (issues of a n00b). I think that the PKCS#12 is the certificate file exported from Outlook Express.

So, if I understand you well, we can expect support to sign/encrypt messages/attachments using the formats provided by "cryptlib"?

Sorry, and thank you again for this great program

09/12/2003 6:12pm
Thats ok, I havn't started work on that yet. I have to finish the IMAP server in the groupware product (for public folders).

I've kept all your mail on that and I'll try and look at it during the christmas / new year break.
19/01/2004 12:26am
An option for the backend of a signing plugin:
OpenSSL (Win32)