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11/11/2003 6:08pm
I am extremely interested in the comercial version of i.scribe but am hesitent because I noticed that the last time Inscribe was updated was in April/2003. It seems that i.scribe is updated alot more frequently. Is this correct? Is there a reason why?

BTW great piece of code... small, clean, fast, Good work! I would love the multiple pop3 accounts.



InScribe - Commercial version of i.Scribe.
Version: v1.86
Beta [Linux, 4/3/2003]
Zip [Windows, 4/2/2003]

i.Scribe - Lightweight cross-platform email client.
Version: v1.86 [Next]
Test44 [Windows, 637K, 31/10/2003]
Test43 [Linux, 1123K, 29/10/2003]
Plugin Sdk (Test19) [Windows, 679K, 9/4/2003]
11/11/2003 6:35pm
I've just been lazy updating that db record.

The fact is that EVERY release of Scribe is done both as InScribe and i.Scribe. At the same time. But usually only on one of the platforms. I.e. The windows version of i.Scribe and InScribe, and then a week later I'll do the Linux i.Scribe and InScribe.

Just ignore the InScribe dates on the main page. They are never current, I should probably just remove them.

The InScribe releases are always available once you know where to look.
11/11/2003 10:04pm
Thats just what I wanted to hear!!

Thanxs for all the time and effort you put in to this. Great progy.

BTW I agree with a previous thread that a Firebird/Mozzila plugin would be of considerable use.

-Cheers mate!